I understand that special bond between a family and their fur kid. My dad raised beagles, and as a child, I would climb into their kennels and play with them until I fell asleep. That loving feeling remains with me, and I try to bring it to each photograph I take. Building my own relationship with each animal, however brief, is one of the most meaningful parts of my job. 

My husband David and I adopted our first dog, Max, from the Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas back in 1999. Since then, we’ve had over 50 dogs in our home. Some came to mature, some came to heal, and a few stole our hearts and joined our family.  Today we share our home with four rescue dogs: Mollie (13), Lilly (9), Kizzy (8), and Gypsy (8).

After adopting Mollie i 2006, I knew I had to do more. I began volunteering at Operation Kindness Animal Shelter.  In 2012, I picked up my point and shoot camera and started taking photos of the dogs at the shelter.  A few months later, my husband David surprised me with a “big girl” camera, and my passion turned into an obsession. I haven’t put my camera down since! My repertoire now has over 4,000 photographs of homeless dogs and cats.